How to Start a Dairy Farm?

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Dairy farm is a traditional business idea in Bangladesh. From many years ago people are cultivate cows for many purpose. The demand of dairy farm are highly increasing in Bangladesh. In this dairy sector have opportunity to establish your career. Some people believe that dairy farming is better than a bank job!

The biggest reason to start a dairy farming business in Bangladesh is ‘’Dairy Farm is Small but indeed Profitable”.

The biggest part to start a dairy farm is making a business plan. Business plan is play a vital role in farming business.

Dairy farming is a serious business in Bangladeshi environment. You will find many people who were not successful anyway. So you will not to become an unsuccessful farmer! Making a business plan is the key to success in dairy farming business.

Decide how much money you want to invest. It is also important part to this business sector.


First of all you have make a plan on you budget. You should not invest the biggest part of money when you are beginners. Approximately 2 Lacks needed to start a small farm in Bangladesh.


Choose Specific Cow Breed. It is crucial steps to get success in this business. There are many cow breeds are available in Bangladesh. Some common breeds are- Brown Swis, Aryshire, Guernsey etc.


The house of the farm should be large as much as you can. Make some extra land for walking of your cows.


For keeping your cows healthy and active your farm house should be neat and clean. Make sure you have sufficient fresh water in your farm.

Cow needs good food to produce good quantity milk. As much good food you will provide the cow will give you maximum milk.

Talk to other farmer who are doing dairy business in Bangladesh and try to know how they do.