Walton releases power saving inverter technology’s fridges, ACs

Inverter Fridge and AC
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The country’s electronic giant ‘Walton’ greatly focused on manufacturing power-efficient fridges and air conditioners with inverter technology based compressors as the use of inverter fridges would merely cut the present electricity bill worth of Tk 3600 crore.

The Walton officials said, the local brand in its own factory Walton Hi-Tech Industries at Chandra in Gazipur is manufacturing inverter compressors based energy efficient 18000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) air conditioner and 16 models of non-frost refrigerators. Along with inverter compressors, world-wide recognized CFC and HFC free R600a refrigerant gas are being used in the compressors of Walton fridges, which are resulted in saving maximum 10 percent electricity consumption of fridges, along with protecting the ozon layer.

They said, the use of inverter technology’s compressors in Walton refrigerators and air conditioners are resulted in not only reducing the electricity cost of the users but also witnessing robust growth in fridge sales. Already, Walton brand’s energy-efficient fridges received ‘Five Star’ energy rating certificate from Bangladesh Standardized Testing Institute.

Industry insiders said, about 25 lakh units of fridges are sold annually in Bangladesh. And now, more than two crore fridges are being used across the country. Let, a non-inverter fridge incurs Tk 300 electricity cost in a month. Then, the annual electricity cost of a fridge would be Tk 3600. But, monthly electricity cost of a inverter fridge would be half of the cost of general technology’s fridge i.e Tk 150. Thus, about Tk 1,800 electricity cost would be saved annually and total of Tk 3600 crore electricity bill would be reduced annually from two crore inverter fridges.

Professor Dr Abdul Hasib Chowdhury of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, inverter is the world’s latest technology used in appliances to reduce electricity consumption. The efficiency of an inverter motor is also more than that of a non-inverter motor. Nowadays, inverter based compressors are widely used in fridges and ACs to turn these appliances into energy efficient products, he added.


Welcoming the Walton’s great initiative in manufacturing huge energy saving fridges and ACs with inverter technology based compressors, State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid Bipu said, the incumbent government is strongly committed to meet entire demands for electricity. Thus, the government is now greatly focused on increasing the electricity production, along with creating awareness among people on using energy saving appliances, he added.

Undoubtedly, production of energy efficient fridges and ACs is a great initiative of Walton to the national economy, he said.

If the use of inverter fridge saves Tk 3600 crore electricity cost in a year, the government would be able to make lots of infrastructural development works, he noted. And, a revolution has made in the country power sector, he added.

An electrical engineer SM Khairul Halim, who came at the capital’s largest electronics market Stadium Market, said that only inverter technology’s appliances are the real energy efficient products. But, he found that most of fridges of different brands with different technologies are labeled with energy saving sticker. As a result, general customers would be deprived of purchasing the real energy saving fridges and ACs. He stressed on having energy rating of BSTI in all fridges so that the customer would be able to pick the right products.

The officials said, Walton released 16 models of intelligent inverter refrigerators of different capacities, including 323 liter, 348lt, 386lt, 396lt, 430lt, 512lt, 526lt and 585 lt.

Dwelling on the distinctive features of intelligent inverter refrigerators, Walton Group’s Executive Director (Sourcing Engineering Dept.) Ashraful Ambia said, the inverter technology’s no-frost refrigerators usually consume 50 percent less electricity than the induction or general technology’s fridges.

The compressors with inverter technology never switches off even when the temperature stabilizes, but runs at a slower speed maintaining the temperature inside the refrigerators, he said adding, thus these compressors consume comparatively low electricity.

Walton fridge R&D Department’s First Senior Additional Director Taposh Kumar Majumder said, two kinds of technologies are generally used in fridges. Of which, one is known as induction technology and another is inverter technology, he said.

AC motor is used in the compressors with induction technology while DC motor is used in the compressors with inverter technology, he said adding, the electricity consumption is very much lower in DC motor compared to AC motor.