DMP beefs up security ahead of Durga Puja

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Police have beefed up security across Dhaka to avert any subversive activity during the upcoming Durga Puja, the largest Hindu religious festival of the country.

The Puja is going to be held at as many as 30,077 mandaps (makeshift temples) across the country, 231 of those in Dhaka city between September 27 and September 30.

There is no specific security threat but under the backdrop on present national and international situation security has been reinforced, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Md Asaduzzamman Mia told journalists on Monday morning.

“I want to make it clear that there is no lack of security in the city,” the DMP chief said during his address to the media at Dhakeshwari National Temple while inspecting Puja arrangements there.

Puja mandaps in the city will be brought under camera surveillance and archway thermal scanners will be set up at nine important temples including Dhakeshwari, Gulshan and Ramna, he said.

He advised people visiting the temples and mandaps not to carry handbags, vanity bags, packets, metal objects and any sharp items including knives.

There will be separate entry and exit points at the Puja mandaps.

Police already have started block raids and installed checkpoints all over the city to avert crimes like theft, snatching and eve teasing. Plainclothes have also been deployed, he said.

He sought city dwellers’ cooperation in this regard. He requested organisers not to play loud and vulgar sound tracks except religious ones during the festivity.