BB for not to reject foreign cheques or drafts

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Bangladesh Bank has asked banks not to send back clients who present foreign cheques and bankers’ draft with the view to arranging smooth repatriation of returning migrant workers’ additional job benefits.

Typically, migrant workers get their added job benefits like retirement, insurance and other schemes by way of a wire transfer or cheque and bankers’ draft upon leaving their jobs abroad.

The central bank found that banks are refusing to arrange collection of payment against the cheques or drafts without providing any valid reason.

“This result in destruction of the safety net accumulated during the tenure of service abroad by the wage earners and creates loss of foreign exchange to the national economy,” the BB said.

Subsequently, the central bank on Sunday issued a directive to all banks asking them to take necessary steps to arrange funds against the payment instruments deposited at branches by the beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries must be given reasons in writing, with a copy forwarded to the BB, for not accepting their cheques or drafts.

Reluctance by any bank branch to accept the instruments for collection from the beneficiaries will be treated adversely by the central bank.