Govt approves car loan for deputy secretaries

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Finance Minister AMA Muhith has approved the disbursement of Tk30 crore as car loans to 100 deputy secretaries in an allocation made for the government employees for the very first time.

Giving the go-ahead on Sunday, Muhith, however, termed the amount insufficient to provide loans for the 1,539 deputy secretaries currently working in the government.

Additional funds are expected to be made available to accommodate the maximum number of deputy secretaries, added Muhith.

Initially, the Ministry of Public Administration sought Tk461.70 crore from the Finance Division, in a bid to provide funds to 75% of the deputy secretaries, who are from the administrative cadre, while 26 members are from other cadres.

The revised car loan policy will enable the deputy secretaries to take up to an interest-free Tk30 lakh car loan, to be repaid with 120 equal installments. The government will impose an additional 15% interest on any unpaid loans.

When contacted, SM Golam Kibria, publicity secretary of BCS Coordination committee, said that deputy secretaries of Health, Agriculture and Transportation ministries are in more need of car loans than those from the administrative wing.

Some government officials claimed that this is a clear violation of the Services (Reorganisation and Conditions) Act of 1975.  They said that according to Article 5(1) of the law, members of the same grade in every cadre will be entitled to equal government benefits.

Until the latest government move, only senior government officials such as joint secretaries were granted car loan facilities.