JU VC speaks against mandatory attendance system

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Vice Chancellor of Jahangirnagar University Professor Farzana Islam observed that the culture of forcing university students to attend in classes by introducing marks on attendance should be annuled.

She came up with the observation at a discussion with the journalists working in the university on Monday.

Professor Farzana said, “If a teacher who does not teach the students properly rather pass the time gossiping then why the students will sit in his class. Teachers who are able to provide proper knowledge in his class, the students of other departments also come to attend in his class. So, the system of mandatory attendance should be abolished.”

She also says, “A student who does not touch any textbook gets 10 marks out of 10 only because of maintaining good relationship with the teachers.

This 10-mark plays a huge role in securing good scores. Now time comes to think whether the real talents are being tarnished by this flawed system.”

She also mentioned the suicide case of a student of Gopalganj Bangabandhu Science and Technology University recently after being disappointed for not participating in exams due to insufficient class attendances.