Why ‘Joy Bangla’ not national slogan, HC asks govt

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The High Court has asked the government why ‘Joy Bangla’ will not be declared as national slogan of Bangladesh.

An HC bench of Justice Kazi Reza-ul-Haque and Justice Mohammad Ullah asked govt the question issuing a rule over the issue on Monday.

The bench issued the rule after the completing the hearing of a writ petition regarding the issue.

The secretaries to the cabinet division, Law Ministry and Education Ministry have been made respondents to the rule.

Earlier, on December 3, Lawyer Dr. Basher Ahmed filed the writ petition on public interest grounds.

In the petition, he said that “Joy Bangla” was the slogan of freedom fighters and all the people of Bangladesh during the Liberation War in 1971.

“Joy Bangla” was the slogan of our independence and national unity and therefore it should remain as the national slogan in the future generations as a symbol of national spirit and patriotism.

On November 20, responding to another writ, the HC observed that even though ‘Joy Bangla’ was used by all the people of Bangladesh as a sign of national unity in 1971, it is now more often recognized as a political identity.