Give me some time: Apu Biswas

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There has been a rift between the relationship between superstar-couple Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas.

Shakib had sent a divorce letter to his wife, but he did not make any comments on the matter.

However, Shakib’s lawyer Sheikh Sirajul Islam confirmed the letter to reporters.

Apu Biswas had not commented on the matter either earlier, but she posted a Facebook status on Tuesday evening alleging that many media portals are making fabricated news about her without asking her about anything.

She urged everyone to stay beside her in these tough times.

“Dear newsmen and friends, you have supported and stood beside me in my good and bad times since 2005. I am thankful to you and respect you a lot,” Apu said in her status.

She apologized for not commenting on the recent matters.

“I am really sorry you cannot reach me regarding the recent events. Give me some time, I am observing the matters. I’ll contact you soon. Those who are making reports without contacting me, I am pleading to give me some time. I will present my statement very soon,” she added.