“Bangladesh to be turned paralysed”

“Bangladesh to be turned paralysed”
“Bangladesh to be turned paralysed”
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The verdict of the corruption cases will be the turning point of Bangladesh`s politics in 2018.

Political analysts, top leaders of Awami league (AL) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) are holding a similar perception about this.

Multiple sources of the BNP have published, if Begum Khaleda Zia gets convicted in Zia Orphanage Trust and Zia Charitable Trust corruption cases, BNP will burn the whole country. If the Chairperson gets convicted in these two cases BNP will come up with all-out movement. BNP has already finalized the strategy and preparedness of that movement. The movement will turn extremely violent. And BNP may announce non-cooperation movement as well.

However, the top leaders of the Awami League are saying that the verdict is the matter of the court. No one knows what the verdict will be. Movement against the verdict of the court means movement against the country.

An Awami League leader thinks that the threat of BNP`s movement is only to menace the ruling party. BNP has no power for demonstrating such movement. But the political analysts opine that political situation may turn violent after the verdict. Vicious events took place on her (Begum Zia) way back from the court for several times. Political analysts believe that it is a sign of the beginning of the movement.

The strategy of the movement will not be like that of 2014. This time BNP will adopt guerrilla techniques. The main plan is to blockade Dhaka by spreading panic. According to the BNP leaders, people are already annoyed over the price hike of the daily essentials, corruption and existing law and order situation. Many BNP leaders are also claiming that the existing situation of the country demands a mass uprising. According to them, this verdict will be a burning incident and will create great havoc.

If Begum Zia is not punished in the verdict and if she gets the release, BNP will then walk in the path of election capitalizing the verdict as a historic victory. Even the party (BNP) may participate in the polls under the Sheikh Hasina’s regime, taking it as a challenge.

So, political analysts are questioning if this verdict would be a political bargaining tool. Suddenly the confidence of Begum Zia has added to this suspicion. It will be understood within a few days whether the verdict will be a stepping stone to the electoral compromise or the beginning of extreme violence.

Awami League thinks that the verdict is the subject of the court and it (AL) has nothing to do with this. As AL is saying that it is pointless to search for a political agenda in the verdict.