Riaz to host TV program on hygiene and cleanliness

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The mother who scolds the housemaid for not disposing the garbage in the trash can properly also throws the banana peel through the car window. And the father who rebukes his daughter over the same reason makes the driver use the wrong lane on the road. Such duality confuses the couple’s little daughter and makes her ask, “The house is ours, what about the country?”

Asking the same question and looking for answers, a brand new TV program titled “Dettol Channel i Porichchonno Bangladesh” will air at 8 pm Saturday on Channel i.


Popular actor Riaz is set to host the show, which is powered by Harpic.

Dhaka North City Corporation’s Chief Waste Management Officer Commodore Abdur Razzak, an affected citizen of Dhaka city, Bibordhon Roy Emon, founder of non-profit volunteer organisation ‘Amrai Brahmanbaria’ which is working to maintain standard hygiene and cleanliness of their hometown will participate in the discussion of the program’s first episode.

Along with a drama with a message for the society and talks with notable personalities, every episode will also feature people and organisations who are working to achieve standard hygiene and cleanliness around the country.

The show will have 10 episodes, and the coming episodes will feature cleanliness for important national monuments and restaurants, hygiene for mother and child, health tips and awareness among garments workers and so on.


The ‘Dettol Channel i Porichchonno Bangladesh’ campaign was launched in this year’s February to create nationwide awareness among the people regarding cleanliness and hygiene through mass media.


Band Team ‘Chirkut’


Recently the campaign’s theme song, performed by band Chirkutt, was released on the occasion of the Victory Day. The official video of the song was watched over 24 lakh times on YouTube within a week.