Who will be the next President?

Who will be the next President?
Who will be the next President?
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The government needs to take two important decisions regarding the appointment of two constitutional posts- the post of President and the post of Chief Justice. The decisions concerning appointing efficient persons in these two posts would have a great impact on the next parliamentary elections of the country.

The post of Chief Justice is vacant since November after Surendra Kumar Sinha resigned from the position. Thereafter Judge of Supreme Court Appellate Division Abdul Wahhab Miah has been discharging the duties as the acting Chief Justice. The government is likely to appoint someone as the new Chief Justice early next year.

The Supreme Court will open on 2nd January after the holidays. It is expected that the Appellate Division will make their decision about the gazette notification on the disciplinary rules for lower court judges. The appointment of the Chief Justice largely depends upon this decision of the Appellate Division.

If the Appellate Division accepts the gazette notification, the chances are very high that Justice Wahhab Miah will be appointed as the Chief Justice. But if things get complicated over the gazette issue, the government might appoint Justice Syed Mahmud Hasan as the Chief Justice. He is now the second senior most judge of the Appellate Division.

Other than the appointment of Chief Justice, the government will have to take another important decision. That is to appoint a new President. The current President Abdul Hamid`s tenure will end on April 22, 2018. A number of government officials have confirmed that Abdul Hamid is less likely to get nominated for a second term for the Presidential post.

The government policymakers are considering quite a few people for the Presidential post. Among them, Local Government Minister Engineer Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Prime Minister`s International Affairs Adviser Prof. Gowher Rizvi, Prime Minister`s Economic Advisor Dr. Mashiur Rahman and Awami League`s presidium member Syed Ashraful Islam are prominent.

However, Syed Ashraf has let his close affiliates know that he might not be taking the responsibility. He thinks he is not yet ready for taking the charge.

Engineer Khandker Mosharraf Hossain is the favorite pick of the policymakers. He is also the father-in-law of Saima Wazed Putul, daughter of the Prime Minister. However, the Awami League-led decision-makers are hesitant about appointing Mosharraf Hossain considering his overall acceptability.

Prof. Gowher Rizvi, on the other hand, is far ahead in this regard. Especially before the next parliamentary elections, appointing Gowher Rizvi in the Presidential post will play a key role in making major decisions. If BNP remains firm in its position about supportive government, Gowher Rizvi can play an influential role in persuading the international community towards Awami League`s decision.

These choices, however, will disclose at the advent of the new year.