Spl offers fail to attract furniture shoppers at DITF

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In line with the needs of buyers, various companies have come up with new designs and variations of furniture at the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF). These are being offered to buyers at a discounted price.

Even after the attractive offers, furniture are not being sold. Customers can be seen walking around different pavilions, choosing the products according to the needs and examining the differences in price and quality.

Vendors said most visitors are just looking at products and then turning away. Many people are interested in buying goods from the nearest branch. Some people are taking all the information, and then saying they will book the product the next week.

Companies such as Partex, Hatil, Nadia, Navana, Akhtar, Regal, Hi-Tech, Athenas, and Legacy, are all offering some sort of discounts on purchase.


A Hatil sales officer said, “There is scope for buying furniture in easy instalments. The company is offering discounts of up to 17 per cent on all types of products, old and new. Fairs and showrooms have the same benefits.

Hi-Tech Furniture’s Rubel said, “We have two special offers. Customers will receive a coupon upon a purchase of worth Tk 25,000 or more. The coupon gives you a chance to win other furniture as prizes. Besides, another draw will be held at the end of the trade fair. First prize is Tk 1.0 lakh. The second and third prizes are Tk 75,000 and Tk 50,000 respectively.”

Sales representatives of Akhtar Furnishers, Regal, and other companies have all spoken of the numerous discounts and offers by their companies.


Customers said furniture offered at the fair were very expensive despite the numerous discounts.


There are no complaints from buyers regarding the design and quality of furnitures but there have been mixed reactions about the price.

Some buyers said that according to the quality of the product, the price is correct, while some said the price at the fair is higher than the regular price.

In this case, the vendors demanded to reduce duty on import of raw materials for furniture, which they say would help increase export.

Bangladesh currently exports about Tk5 billion worth of furniture to 16 countries around the world.