Farzana Chhoby again in unique role

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A sense of hatred and disgust is created in the heart of Hamid towards his one-eyed mother for having a stone eye. But it remained unknown to Hamid that the very stone eye of his mother provided sparkling light in the sky of his life. Eventually, Hamid comes to know the story behind the scene, but it is now already too late as the touchy mother has left for eternity.

With a story like this, young director Nuibb Hasan has made a special telefilm titled ‘Kani Ma’ on the occasion of the upcoming International Women’s Day. Talented actress Farzana Chhoby has played the title role and audience-admired actor Fazlur Rahman Babu has enacted the role of Hamid, the son of Chhoby in the telefilm.

Farzana Chhoby said about working in the telefilm, “I worked in a few more ventures focusing on the female lead characters before. But this time around, it’s a totally different type of work with a different story and exclusive avatar. The challenging fact was that I had to put on the stone eye during the entire shooting time. My life from the age 25 to 80 has been portrayed in the telefilm. All these things have added a new dimension to my acting life.”

Makeup artiste Ratan Sarkar provided necessary support to Farzana Chhoby to fit her in unique get up perfectly.

Director Nuibb Hasan said about the telefilm, “Since last eight months, I have been working with the screenplay and making style of the telefilm. I could be able to complete the work with cordial cooperation from all cast and crew. I hope the telefilm will be liked by the viewers”

The telefilm ‘Kani Ma’ will be aired on a satellite TV channel soon.