Apps serving as effective information storehouses

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The world now has the largest generation of young people that is about 1.8 billion, representing a staggering amount of human potential who are hungry for better options.

With the power of technology, the world is now more connected.  Information is more orderly presented now through different platforms, advanced search engines and applications. As technology and mobile devices are prevalently used by youths, these connected world of information can be accessed in a productive way to find opportunities for them. Below are the most popular applications and platforms for finding relevant youth opportunities.

Youth Opportunities

It is a Bangladesh based international youth start-up that has the presence in more than 200 countries to ensure equal and easy access to different opportunities for self and professional development of youths which ensures everyone is well informed about all the latest opportunities around the world.

For its positive contribution to youth development and access to well-formatted information, Youth Opportunities app has received international awards including one of the most prestigious ‘Queens Young Leaders Award’ from her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II in addition to several national accolades.

The Youth Mentor App

This app basically ensures web-based mentoring resources aimed at helping millions of young people by providing practical and easy-to-follow guidelines.

The app contains a page called ‘Success Nuggets’ which includes short articles addressing ongoing issues. There is also a ‘Simply Inspiring’ page that contains stories mostly biographies of successful people from around the world which will inspire young people to aspire to greatness. Lastly, there is a question answer page that deals with questions submitted by young people and answered by experts.

Today’s Youth

If you want to get help to deal with your day to day life situations by applying pure scientific understanding and practical situations, then this app can be your perfect solution. ‘Today’s Youth’ can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere with just a click on this app.

This app has got distinctive features namely youth hangout, confession box, awakening, youth manager and games which serve different purposes.

Career Guide

This app offers one-stop shop for employment opportunities. Career guide app provides reference books for young people who are going to enter the job market for the first time and for those who seek new pastures.

Here youths can avail more than 3,750 magazines relevant to different job aspects for free and also can check new information  about job market, get relevant career suggestions from experienced successful individuals.

Youth Abroad

This app provides a network of jobs, training, Erasmus exchanges, university scholarship from all over the world for young people. It is one of the reliable channels where young people can find a vacancy, a study place and renowned competition updates.

With the help of Youth Abroad app, young people can know about the ongoing jobs, study opportunities in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.

LinkedIn Job Search

The LinkedIn app gives young people all the necessary tools to find their dream jobs. What makes it different from other apps is, it facilitates location-based search and give the automated recommendation based on that search.

Here job seekers can apply for jobs at companies with their respective LinkedIn profile in just a few taps maintaining total privacy where their network will not hear a thing about their employment seeking activity. Users can also keep a track on their job application status, and notification will arrive whenever new jobs match the career opportunities job applicants are looking for.

In this competitive era, young people need to be always updated about the opportunities, and this can be done through the proper use of the above mentioned apps.