BEI preparing trade policy advocacy agenda

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Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) has started a comprehensive work to design the `Trade Policy Advocacy Agenda 2018’.

The main objective of the agenda is to sensitise the policymakers and businesses to take an appropriate initiative to support the country’s national economic development goals along with the SDGs.

The advocacy agenda will also call for doing policy reforms and streamlining supply and demand side trade and economic policy frameworks of Bangladesh on some critical issues.

BEI is drafting five advocacy papers on as many thematic issues:

  • Overseas Investment Modalities for Bangladesh
  • Predictable and Sustainable Tax and Tariff Policy (CD, VAT, Income Tax and others)
  • Integrated Import and Export Policy
  • Foreign Trade Strategies 2018 & beyond: Options for Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh and Global Registration of IPR

“Of the above mentioned five issues, the initial draft for foreign trade strategies and global registration of IPR have already been prepared,” said Mr Manzur Ahmed, adviser to BEI.

“Moreover, we have also prepared the Draft Import and Export Act 2018 to replace the existing Act of 1950 for discussion,” he added.