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Korea is becoming popular destination for young Bangladeshis, both for work and study

Korean Ambassador to Bangladesh Lee Jang-keun on Thursday (Oct 27) said the Korea-Bangladesh friendship is further deepening and extending, in particular in the area of education.

He said there are more than 1,600 Bangladesh students currently studying in Korea and most of them are in the engineering field pursuing higher degrees.

After finishing degrees, he said many of them find jobs in Korea or in Bangladesh. Among Dhaka University professors, there are a dozen professors who received degrees in Korea. Some are working for LG or Samsung.

Ambassador Lee told this while addressing the inauguration of Window on Korea and King Sejong Institute (KSI) Dhaka at the Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB).

Education Minister Dipu Moni attended the ceremony as chief guest. It was also addressed, among others, by Vice Chancellor Prof Tanweer Hasan and Prof Zakir Hossain Raju, Director of King Sejong Institute at IUB.

Expressing his happiness, Korean envoy said through the double inauguration of King Sejong Institute (KSI) and Window on Korea at IUB, the Korea-Bangladesh friendship is further deepening and extending, in particular in the area of education.

“IUB is the first private university hosting the Window on Korea in Bangladesh. IUB is the second university in Bangladesh hosting a Korea devoted section at the library after Dhaka University where we have a Korea Corner at its central library. IUB is also the only private University in Bangladesh which established both the Korean language program and Window on Korea,” he said.

The Ambassador in his speech said Korea is becoming a more and more popular destination for young Bangladesh people, both for work and study.

“Korea is also the most popular destination for the Bangladesh expatriate workers. Before, an average 2000 expatriate workers newly went to Korea for work, but this year already 4,000 low skilled workers have gone to Korea. They earn a relatively handsome salary, minimum 3,000 dollars per month. Some of the returned workers turned into successful businessmen running several factories or stores,” he added.

Korea is one of the major world's industrial and technological powerhouse, he said adding that Korea is the 10th largest economy in the world. Korea is the 7th largest trading country in the world. Korea ranks the most innovative country. “Korea is the largest shipbuilder, semi-conductor and display producer. Korea is the 6th largest automobile manufacturer.”

Ambassador Lee said Korea is also now becoming the cultural powerhouse of the world and more than that, Korea and Bangladesh are enjoying excellent bilateral relations.

“All these give you, young Bangladesh students, every reason to have interest in learning and knowing Korea and the Korean language. And, the King Sejong Institute and Window on Korea will serve you to meet your needs and interests,” he said.

In this age of the internet people can easily access various information and material by on-line, he said students can learn foreign language on-line.

“But the Window on Korea is more than books and materials. KSI Dhaka2 is more than a Korean language programme. It is a space where students can actually meet and experience Korea, Korean culture and Korean history. I and my Embassy people hope to come here often and engage with the IUB students.”

“I truly believe that in cultivating the Korea-Bangladesh relationship, we need to invest in young people, young students, the next generation, because they are the future of our two countries and the future of our bilateral ties.  And I am sure that the KSI and Window on Korea at the IUB is our joint investment for the future of Bangladesh youth and also for the future of Korea-Bangladesh relations,” the Korean envoy said.

He said window on Korea is a programme supported by the National Library of Korea to increase understanding and interest in Korean culture and Korean history by providing a wide range of books and materials related to Korea.

Under this programme, he said the National Library of Korea has provided financial support for the establishment of the corner and also 3,000 books and materials. “And for the next five years, we will provide 200 books every year.”

He informed that the King Sejong Institute will offer a synergy with Window on Korea by providing students with Korean language skills which will make IUB students have a deeper and genuine interest in the knowledge of Korea.

Explaining about reason and goal of learning and teaching Korean language and Korean culture, he said it is because there is a big interest among students, mainly for enjoying Korean movies, dramas and K-pop which are widespread among the young Bangladeshis.

He also said it is worthwhile to learn Korean culture and Korean language for the future of Bangladesh young people. “Before and maybe even now, many ambitious Bangladesh young people chose to study or work in Western countries and design their future with or in these countries. But now time has changed. Korea is becoming a more and more popular destination for young Bangladesh people, both for work and study.” 

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