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2020-03-25 22:47:17 BdST

BGMEA president praises PM’s incentive package for export industries


Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association President Dr Rubana Huq has praised the prime minister's announcement of the Tk5,000 crore incentive package for export-oriented industries.

"Garment factory owners felt relieved after the announcement came from the prime minister. They need to pay Tk4,000 crore in workers' wages each month," Rubana said.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in a televised address to the nation this evening, said the money would be spent explicitly to pay wages of workers.

"The country's production and exports may be harmed due to the coronavirus. I hereby declare a Tk5,000 crore incentive package for the export-oriented industries. The money can be utilised to only pay the workers," the prime minister said in her speech.

A clear guideline has to be drawn up now so that the money is properly channeled to the workers and not otherwise. Also which factories get the benefit has to be determined based on a well-thought-out matrix.

Now that the government has come forward to announce the package, it also requires close scrutiny of how the industries, many of which have accumulated big reserves, spend from their own pockets to take care of their workers. Businesses also have their own responsibility to look after them.

The prime minister has justifiably said many people have lost their jobs because of the virus and we have to stand by them. And she has rightly urged the rich to stand by the poor.  When one makes money from this society, it is also their obligation to give back to the people when they are in need.

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