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2020-07-12 23:59:46 BdST

Normallife brings Makrite N95 mask

Normalife has brought Taiwan’s 'Makrite N95' branded mask to Bangladesh market.

This Makrite N95 mask from healthcare brand Normalife has been introduced at the local market at a very affordable price compared to other Chinese branded N95 masks.

In a recent official announcement, Normalife announced the supply of the mask for Bangladeshi consumers. In this moment of scarcity, Makrite N95 may be able to meet the demand of the country as well as provide authentic quality for healthcare professionals.

In their announcement, Normallife said that the demand for N95 mask had been increasing since mid March when presence of covid-19 virus was first detected in the country. The N95 mask has become the centerpiece of the needs of frontline fighters including doctors, bankers and law enforcers. However, as the supply was less than the demand, huge amount of fake N95 masks were supplied by in the market. The masks always had been subjected to questions about the right quality. In this context, Taiwan-made Makrite branded high-quality N95 masks are imported and supplied to the country's market to ensure proper safety of every individual.

Sinan Arefin, Managing Partner of Normalife, said, "There has been a lot of controversy over the quality of the N95 mask since the beginning of the Corona situation in Bangladesh. For Corona fighters, including doctors, the supply of this little thing which is capable of building a solid shield between life and death was very low. To take advantage of this situation, a class of unscrupulous traders spread fake N95 masks in the market. And the right quality masks that were available or are still available are quite expensive. Our masks will solve exactly these problems.”

Arefin added that 3M branded masks are highly sold in the market. But the price of each original 3M mask is relatively high. Also fake 3M branded masks are now scattered in the market.

“However, our Makrite N95 is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These masks under the brand ‘Makrite N95’ ensure the highest health protection & safety for doctors. The Makrite N95 masks, certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the United States, are capable of preventing the entry of tiny particles as well as a variety of minerals or carbon particles. The mask is also safe to reuse. We also have certificates in support of these claims.”

Normallife claims that this mask is quite effective in the Corona epidemic. As the code number is written on the mask, there is almost no chance of forgery. Masks for the medical sector are approved by the FDA of the United States with a grade 510 (k) number. This approval confirms the acceptability of the mask. The Indian medical authorities have prepared guidelines for re-use of the "Makrite N95" mask following some instructions from the country's doctors. There are still questions about the quality of other brands of N95 masks available in the market.

As Normalife is a direct importer of the Makrite N95 mask, it can be offered in the market at a very affordable price, said Sinan Arefin.

He said the retail price of the right quality Chinese N95 masks in the market ranges from TK. 1,100 to TK. 1,300.

“But since we are the direct authorized importer of Makrite N95, we can offer the masks at a very affordable price to the consumer end. Our operating costs are also low as we can take advantage of the opportunities of Digital Bangladesh and place orders on Normallife's online platforms. As a result, customers get the benefits.”

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