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2018-09-09 07:45:02 BdST

Women are increasing the risk of diabetes in insufficient physical labor

The relation of manual labor with the non-invasive disease is intimate. Many of these disadvantages are dependent on adequate physical labor. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend, at least 150 minutes a week, requiring moderate to high-end physical activity or exercise requires an adult adult to stay healthy. Although the practice of such manual labor in Bangladesh is very low. It is much lower among women than men.

The inadequacy of women's manual labor is increasing in the risk of non-invasive diseases, especially diabetes. The latest data from the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) says 6 percent 61 percent of men are diabetic, but the rate of women is 7.44 percent. And overall, in the country, 6.6% people are suffering from diabetes.

In the absence of manual labor, the increase of high / low pressure among women is more than men. The BBS data say 9.55 percent of the people suffering from high / low pressure. Among the males, it is 7 percent to zero percent, but it is 11.55 percent among women.

Experts say that the development of technology has made life easier now. The work that is due to physical work is decreasing. Obesity rates are rising among women due to inadequacy of manual labor. From this they are more infected with diabetes, hypertension, disorderly disorders.

International Diarrhea Research Center, Bangladesh (ICDDR, B) Head of Invasive Disease Program Dr. Aliya Nahid told the trader that the women in Bangladesh are mostly over-crowded in the cultural and social context. Most of the women are housewives Most of those who work outside, they work. Exercise issues are much less among women. In the social context, women are more inactive than men. Because of the type of work, men are somewhat physically active than women. That is why women are more at risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension.

WHO has conducted a survey on a wide range of physical labor worldwide. An analysis of data of 1 million participants participating in the survey has been analyzed. According to the results released this month, 159 out of 168 countries have less labor intensive work than women. The difference between manual labor between men and women in 65 countries is at least 10 percent points. But the difference in Bangladesh is even more, 20 percent points. In Bangladesh, inadequate labor work rate is less than 20 percent, it is the highest 39.9 percent for women.

Inadequate labor of men and women has a 20 percent point difference in more than eight countries. The countries are Barbados, Bahamas, St Lucia, Palau, Iraq, Trinidad and Tobago, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Kajik Asmar (50), a resident of Khilkhet, who was suffering from diabetes for five years, was not done for physical work. There is no other work outside of the school. Exercise is not done as well. Three days after getting admitted to hospital with BIRDEM. The doctor has told that if the body does not do enough physical work, diabetes will go out of control. In addition to diabetes, kidney problems have also been found in the school teacher.

Artist Begum (40), who was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. He has high blood pressure with diabetes. Talks with her on the outskirts of the Bertem Hospital on Thursday. He said that he took time to take home the job of the family and took the girl to school. It is not too much of a walk outside. Weighing 62 kg a year ago Following diabetes, following the advice of the doctor, following the diabetes chart. Regularly walking for 1 hour daily. Now weight has decreased, diabetes is also under control. After three months, there is a follow-up in all the tests including blood tests.

Among the 10 women in the country like Kazi Asma and Shilpi Begum, one is suffering from diabetes. Chief of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the Bardem General Hospital Professor Dr. M Delwar Hossain told the trader that people are getting much more comfortable with time. Obesity is increasing due to lack of physical work. Women who reduce walking and physical activity, are obese, among them diabetes rates are high. There is no adequate physical labor and exercise option to keep weight in control.

According to experts, due to adequate physical activity, diabetes, hypertension, as well as cancer, even the risk of depression can be reduced. As much as the people who are interested in keeping the habit of normalizing the diet are so unwilling about labor. However, manual labor is more important than the controlled food. In the early stages of high blood pressure or diabetes is not needed. This problem can be overcome if sufficient physical labor is used in normal living.

Dr. Aliya Nahid said that work can not be done by sitting at home. Walking down the stairs, heavy work, running, walking aloud, that is, the person who at least drops in work, is the physical labor. People are walking around the house. We need medium-to-heavy physical labor. If everyone is allowed to do manual labor after following the new guidelines of WHO, then there will be good physical health as well as mental health.

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently 71 million cases of diabetes in Bangladesh. More than 3.5 million women

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