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2020-01-13 12:58:23 BdST

New Additions at The SweetSin Coffees

The SweetSin Coffees is quite a favorite amongst youngsters in Dhanmondi. Recently, they opened a new branch at Gulshan Avenue (same building as Fryyay) to attract people from the tri-state area. They also have a new breakfast menu that included platters like Waffled up breakfast, Pancake surprise, Grilled cheese morning, and Quesadilla mix platter.

The Waffled up breakfast comes with simple waffles with maple syrup, chicken strips, beef bacon, mushrooms, and poached egg. The waffle they serve is slightly soggy however, the mushroom, bacon, and chicken strips were quite tasty and filling. The Pancake surprise came with pancakes with maple syrup, a cheesy omelette, chicken sausage, and mushrooms. I really liked this breakfast meal. The cheesy omelette has a stringy pull if you have it while it’s hot. The sausages taste like the frozen ones you fry at home. I had two other friends who tried the rest 2 platters. The Grilled cheese morning really stole the show. It is undoubtedly the best breakfast meal they serve. The salty and gooey cheese sandwiches were grilled to perfection.

It came with well sautéed garlic mushrooms, vegetable stuffed chicken, and the delicious cheese omelette. Honestly, this meal was the perfect balance of all their good items. The vegetable stuffed chicken could use a spicy sauce though as overall, the meal was quite light. So if you are into light, mild flavors for breakfast, you’ll enjoy the meal. Lastly, there was the Quesadilla mix platter. While it sounds quite unconventional to have a Mexican item for breakfast, quesadilla is nothing but stuffed bread. So there’s nothing to be afraid of. The spices used here were quite mild as well. The paratha like bread seemed to have become soggy because of the stuffing. The scrambled eggs lacked any seasoning so we had to add salt and pepper according to our preference.

In all, we all approve of the Grilled Cheese Morning platter. The Grilled Cheese melted our minds with how perfectly it was done. Overall, The SweetSin Coffees is a great choice to catch up with your friends for brunch on a budget.

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