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Uncertainty over the development work of JU

Jahangirnagar University is one of the leading universities in the country. It was established on 697.58 acres of land in Savar, not far from the capital.

The university has 36 departments under 6 faculties. At present the number of students is about 15 thousand. There are about 600 teachers.

On the eve of the golden jubilee of the university, Hon’ble Prime Minister allocated a development budget of Tk 1,445 crore at the ECNEC meeting on October 23, 2016.

The allocation includes construction of Jahangirnagar University Student Housing Problems, Teacher Officers and Staff Towers, Administrative Building, Construction of New Library Building, Construction of Sports Complex, Guest House, Post Graduate Researcher House, Construction of Lecture Theater and Examination Hall. Further development projects including development of playground of Al-Biruni Hall, completion of Shaheed Rafiq Jabbar Hall for 152 students will be completed.

With the implementation of this project, Jahangirnagar University will be transformed into a fully residential university. At the same time, if the connection of high quality equipment in the laboratory for further research of this university is done, the new door of education will be opened.

In 2019, the name of a student organization came to the fore in the case of obstruction of the development work of the university and it became the focus of discussion all over the country. Wherever there is development work, there are some obstacles. Due to the strict attitude of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, it was possible to avoid any untoward incident at the university in 2019.

At present about 14 development works are going to be inaugurated under the development project but there is a smell of continuity of the old tradition. The names of the central leaders of the ruling student organization are being discredited and the same allegations are being made again. However, after talking to several leaders of the central student organization of the ruling party, it was learned that they were not aware of any such incident. However, if anyone tries to discredit them, they will be severely repressed.

One of the top leaders of the student body said on condition of anonymity, “Just as the Prime Minister has implemented the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project overcoming all obstacles, the student body will be tougher to protect the continuity of development and learning environment in every campus of the country.” . ”

Jahangirnagar University is surrounded by a completely natural environment with numerous trees and lakes all over the campus. In order to carry out development work, some or the other plants have to be removed. But development work has to be done keeping in mind the issue of protecting the environment. There are indications that environmentalists may create some obstacles in this regard.

University students said that some trees may have to be cut down to implement development projects. Citing the example of Suhrawardy Udyan in Dhaka, they said, “Numerous trees have been cut down there to highlight the history and heritage of the country and the spirit of the Great Liberation War.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Dr. Md. Nurul Alam will inaugurate the development work on 26th May.

However, our investigation has revealed that a section of the beneficiaries of the university is trying to obstruct the inauguration of the development work.

In particular, all these top officials of the engineering branch are fueling the evil forces to take over the work of the whole project.

Several sources have confirmed that he is the patron and financier of BNP and Jamaat in the university. He had earlier been elected president of the University Officers’ Association. His intention is to hold off on the project till the next general election in any case. There is a kind of instability in Jahangirnagar University.

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