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The nation's highest human rights are violated by the writers of history

75's natural history of this nation a special one for educated people Mahal is deleted forever. Resistance Fighter Commander Hero Bahini organized Responsibility as keynote speaker in today's standards Celebrated by the country's renowned human rights activist Sehli Parveen. He is empty deprived of these heroes Ask for forgiveness on behalf of the country and the nation. Daily Out on a special exploration of Deshbangla Here comes the history of the world's best and worst human rights violations.

8 thousand brave Bengalis armed resistance for the common people after the killing of the nation's own family in 1975.  The war continued for 22 months. Which is compared to 9 months of 71 It was not low status. State power at that time The administration forced these brave warriors to leave the country by doing A large part of them live like animals and birds in the forests of Assam and Meghalaya even today. In the last 47 years No government, even a pro-independence government The government is also demanding to bring them back to the country No action was taken. The names of these brave Bengalis have been erased forever from the history of 75.

Those who wanted to inform the world that this nation is not a traitor. We kill the architect of freedom can't The nation cannot accept this murder.  Atach is a greedy traitor group of this country He made the nation and the world believe in the killing of Bangabandhu There was no protest in the country. That is, the killing of the nation's leader was accidental. But today we found that heroic army Leaders with second in command. the part that. He was able to return home at many costs. But in violation of the High Court's rule, their residence has not been returned even today. And we will never get back those who died brutally in the forests of Meghalaya and Assam. Bringing the living back to the country, repatriating the Karbs, giving the status of martyrs to the dead and the living, and above all demanding to stop the budget of fake fighters. Today's human bond was organized in front of the National Press Club. Brave Bengalis also said. We don't want money, money, house or anything. I want bravery Identity, I want the right to be buried in the soil of my homeland. I want to tell the real history to the nation.

Human rights leader Sehli Parveen, the main speaker of the said standards, said that these distorters of history are only of Parliament. Not only is it outside, it is still in the Parliament Conspirators. Let the budget be closed on the matter and immediately comply with the law The home of the nation's heroes should be returned.

In this context, Sehli Parveen also said how such money-grubbing thieves, distorters of history stay in Parliament. He is the Honorable Prime Minister. He drew attention and said, "You were also exiled, who will understand this cry better than you, why responsibility has been given to such miscreants, the nation.

Making history! These brave Bengalis in the history of this country. Still known as a miscreant. This is the activity of our historians.

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