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Archaeological ruins of Luktiya zamindar house are being wasted in vain

Although the zamindari was abolished, it is situated in Barisal's Lakhtia zamindar house. It is reported that the house was built almost 300 years ago. However, it has not been taken as a preservation or service initiative as it is not listed as an archaeological establishment. Rather, the government buildings have been built on land borders. Several buildings including the temple of the house have been demolished. Besides, many valuable features are being lost due to the rush of visitors to the house. The locals demanded that the house would be saved once the zamindari took the initiative to preserve the center of cultural studies.

It is known that the location of the house of Luktia zamindar in Babuganj, Barisal. In the year 1700 Lakshatiya's zamindari king Rajchandra Roy built this house on about one acre of land. Most of the buildings in the house are made in the style of Achtala Deul. In front of the house there are some lovely monasteries. South of the Sadar Gate is the Shan paved ghat and the famous Bourani Dighi. The main building is two-storied and a ground in front. In the nineteenth century, the house was known as the citadel of cultural activities. However, no initiative has been taken to preserve the house before or after independence.

It has now become a ghostly house in the absence of neglect. The walls around the walls started to fall. The outer stairs have broken down long ago. There was a vast secret room on the back side of the house (on the west side). The room has now disappeared under the ground. However, on the north side, the window of the room is still visible in the shape of a window. In addition, some of the shrines in the back section of the house have already been demolished. Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) has constructed three buildings in the land on the boundary of the house.

Locals said that the family members of Luktia zamindari family were famous for prajakalain and various public works. In continuation of this, Rajshandra College was established in Barisal town. Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq started his career from that college. The road of Babujan was made from Luktia from Barisal city on the time of the zamindar of Lukatia. Prior to independence zamindars established a school named 'Pushparani School' in that area. After the extinction of zamindari, their successors also left the area.

They said that visitors often visit the 300-year-old house here. They do damage to the house without knowing the importance of visiting the house. So, the government has to take initiative to preserve the house.

Deputy Commissioner of Barisal SM Azizar Rahman said, "We have applied for archeology department to take measures to preserve this landlord house." If they are listed then the reservation will start. However, not only this landlord house but also some other such structures of Barisal have been sent to the Department of Archeology. They will take action and verify.

Barisal BADC Senior Assistant Director Sheikh Iqbal Ahmed said that BADC bought this land from the local people in 1979 for the construction of the house on the boundary of the house. After not doing damage to the original home infrastructure, three buildings were built on the land. Two of these buildings are used as warehouses and a BADC office. There is no harm to the landlord house.

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