December 8, 2021, 5:37 am


2020-06-29 12:16:01 BdST

Fees imposed on Covid-19 test

Covid-19 sample tests at government facilities will no longer be free as the finance ministry has approved a health ministry proposal to impose fees on the tests.

The government today issued a circular on Covid-19 test fees. Patients will have to pay Tk200 per test if they visit the nearby kiosks to give samples.

Tk 500 per test will be taken if samples are given from home and patients staying at the hospital will have to pay Tk 200 per test, according to the issued notice.

Fees are fixed at the mentioned rates in all government hospitals also.

According to the notice, the revenue collected from the sample fees will be deposited in the government treasury.

Bangladesh is conducting RT-PCR tests to detect the novel coronavirus in swab samples.

At present, Covid-19 is being tested in 66 labs across the country. Of them, 48 are public and 18 are private.

Government labs are performing tests of about 90 percent of the samples every day.

The government has imposed the fees to control and proper management of Covid-19 infection.

Under the health care law 1974, all the benefits related to the treatment of government officials and employees will remain the same.

Government orders regarding treatment and diagnosis of freedom fighters, distressed and poor patients will remain the same.

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