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Vaccinated Covid-19 patients face lower risk: IEDCR

A latest study finds individuals who received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine face lower risks of experiencing respiratory problems, hospitalisation and death.

The Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) published the study findings on its website on Sunday.

The research was conducted based on analysis of data from 1,334 Covid patients -- aged above 30 -- who were infected during May and June.

Of them, 592 did not received vaccines while 306 received full dose (double dose) of vaccines.

“Eleven percent of patients who did not receive any dose of the vaccine experienced respiratory complications. The rate fell to 4 percent among the fully vaccinated,” IEDCR said.

The study also revealed that hospital admission rate was 23 percent among the unvaccinated while this percentage was seven among the vaccinated.

The report also found that fewer vaccinated patients needed intensive care. They also suffered fewer deaths.

Of the unvaccinated participants in the study, 19, or 3 percent, needed to be admitted to the ICU. Of the fully vaccinated, only three, less than 1 percent, were admitted to the ICU.

Nineteen unvaccinated participants, or 3 percent, died, while only one of those who received the vaccine passed away.

Among those unvaccinated who had comorbidities, hospital admission rate was higher -- 32 percent. Despite comorbidities, hospital admission rate was only 10 percent among those vaccinated.

Mentioning the study result, the IEDCR urged people to maintain health safety rules and take vaccines which will reduce health risk even if infected after vaccination.

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