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2019-10-15 16:49:07 BdST

Online VAT return submission skids


None of the businesses could submit the online VAT (value-added tax) returns until now of this fiscal year due to a technical glitch in the server, officials said.

Despite several attempts, they said, a number of large companies could not submit VAT returns online according to the new law, in force since July 01.

They said the companies, especially large ones, have lodged complaints with their respective VAT zones in this connection.

The businesses, which are supposed to submit VAT returns by the 15th of every month, are now doing the same manually instead.

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) introduced the online VAT return system in April 2019.

Aristopharma Limited, ACI formulations Ltd, Drug International Ltd, Acme Laboratories, Akij Beverage, Libra Infusion Ltd, Global Heavy Chemical Ltd, Trice Pack Ltd and some other companies have taken up the issue with the zones.

Large Taxpayers Unit under the VAT wing, in a recent letter, requested the revenue board to fix the problem.

The unit has compiled several complaints of large taxpayers.

For instance, Aristophrama Ltd has complained about the non-availability of the VAT return form (VAT 9.1 form) on the VAT online system.

ACI formulations Ltd said it has been facing the problem of obtaining the 13-digit new business identification number needed to fill the online VAT returns.

Drug International Limited also faced the problem of submitting the VAT returns due to the complexities in the online system.

Acme laboratories said it has contacted the VAT online project for resolving the problems on the submission of online VAT returns but found no way out.

Akij Beverage said the rate of its payable supplementary duty is 25 percent as per the VAT law while the uploaded VAT return forms in the online system is showing the SD 60 percent. The company failed to upload its VAT returns online for this problem.

Libra Infusion Ltd said they could not access the VAT online system with its password and user ID.

Global Heavy Chemical said the VAT form 9.1 and its relevant documents are not available on the website of the NBR.

Tricepack Ltd said it had submitted the online returns at the time of piloting of online returns, but failed to submit it this time.

A senior VAT official said until Monday, none of the large VAT-paying businesses was able to file the returns.

The large taxpayers' wing has already apprised the NBR of taking necessary steps, he added.

Online VAT project director Syed Mushfiqur Rahman said the problem will be resolved soon.

The businesses are obliged to submit VAT returns by the 15th of every month on the financial transactions of the previous month.

The time for submitting the returns for the month of September is scheduled to expire today (Tuesday).

Officials said establishments could not submit the returns during the last three months.

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