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Dr. Hasan Mahmud is the hopePeople's life on the Karnafuli river banks has changed in Rangunia

Block setting up activities are in full swing to prevent erosion of the much awaited Karnafuli river in Rangunia upazila of Chittagong district. Almost the lion's share of the work has already been completed. 

The project implementing agency said that the entire work will be completed soon. 

Thousands of people along the riverside have been cheering since the block was set up. They are thanking and thanking the Information Minister and Joint General Secretary of the Awami League, Dr.  Hasan Mahmud MP through various means including Facebook. 

After the installation of the block, the image of the two banks of the river Karnafuli has changed. 

From Chandraghona, Kodala to Betagi, the last frontier of Rangunia, the two banks of Karnafuli are like a unique natural tourist spot. 

Now when you open Facebook, you can see the image of ordinary people spending time on the river bank. People used to spend their days on the banks of the river with fear and anxiety, but now they are spending their days in peace holding the hand of the Information Minister.  In this way, the fate of the people of the river bank has changed with the help of the Information Minister.

According to Golam Rabbani Construction, the company implementing the project, a huge allocation of Tk 458 crore is being implemented by the Information Minister. 

Under the allotment, the parliamentary constituency of Rangunia is being set up from Boalkhali to Betagi, Sarafvata, Pomra, Rangunia Municipality, Mariamnagar, Kodala, Chandraghona-Kadamtali Union. 

Under the supervision of the Water Development Board, the work of setting up blocks to prevent river erosion is already in full swing. 

Jamir Uddin, supervisor of the project implementing agency, expressed hope that the work on the project would be completed before the next Eid-ul-Adha.

Hundreds of families have lost their ancestral home for two decades due to the erosion of the Karnafuli River in Rangunia. Many people have lost their livelihood due to erosion in the riverine areas. Last year too, there was evidence of such erosion of the Karnafuli river. 

The image of the giant Karnafuli has now changed. The fate of the people along the river has changed with the help of the Information Minister. Where there was a constant cry of losing one's homeland, the banks of that river have now become a good place for people to spend their leisure time.

Meanwhile, thousands of people in the eroded areas of the river have expressed their gratitude to the Information Minister for fulfilling the long-standing expectations of the people. 

Mentioning that the expectations have been met more than their demands, the people of these areas are expressing their gratitude to the Information Minister.

In the meantime, the work of setting up blocks in most places has been completed. After the installation of the block, the overall picture of the river bank has changed.

The deep friendship of the river bank with the clear water of Karnafuli is now visible. Each area covered by the block is being transformed into a single tourist area. Every day from morning till late at night people from different parts of the country are seen coming to enjoy the beauty of the river.

M Qureshi Shelu, a resident of the Chandraghona Buijjar shop area, said the Karnafuli River is about 150 meters from my house. Block construction work is going on the river bank. There is a touch of joy in the families who are angry over the erosion of the river bank. 

Abdul Haque of Maulana village in West Sarafbhata said, "No one but the victims will understand how horrible river erosion is." 

Realizing this grief, the overall picture of the banks of Karnafuli river has changed with the help of the Information Minister.  The cries of the people on the banks of the river Karnafuli can no longer be heard.

Badiul Alam of Kodala area said that in the monsoon season, the water of Kaptai dam broke the shore and the screams of the people could not be seen. There is no accounting for the number of people who fall asleep at night. But this picture of the riverbank has now changed. The people of the river bank are now breathing a sigh of relief holding the hand of the Information Minister.

Robin Jaldash, a resident of Dakshin Ghatchek area of ​​the municipality, said, "The days of panic of the residents of Karnafuli are over with the help of the Information Minister." 

There is a smile of relief on everyone's face now.

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