May 16, 2021, 9:07 am

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury

2021-04-16 10:21:20 BdST

Infusing Inferiority Complex: How Damage Civil Society

There are lot of people around you, especially in aid sector, especially from the establishment, telling you that, you do not know this and you do not know that, thus you do not have capacity. As they have the money and as you are expecting that they can give you money, you are not countering and you have accepted that, it is true that you do not know that. Then you are started to think, or suppressing yourself, you started to be submissive, you are acting like sycophant, for their so called favor to you and or you started to think that, indeed you are inferior.

If you are a successful mother or father, then you know how you have developed your good child, always you have encouraged him, was telling him or her that, he or she knows something and she can do better. You have acknowledge her success and encourage him or her for further. This is the best way to develop a personality. How many time you have failed it does not matter, the matter is that how many time you have stand up. You have hardly infused inferiority that damages courage and attitude for further progression.

As we need to develop a democratic and human right based society then we need such a personality of our nations.

Infusing inferior complexity in fact a great barrier to promote critical personality in civil society sector, such a critical personality is needed to promote a democratic society with freedom of expression and to build a society of tolerance, rather than a society of ignorance and arrogance. If you are true believer of such a freedom of expression and wish to expect a tolerance, then you need an attitude for patient hearing and understanding. But in fact most of the time you will listen from establishment or from the people who is holding money is that, you will listen opposite that you know nothing or if he or she is arrogant, you will listen that you are threatening him or her. In fact this a counter threats to you to silence your voice.

Not only aid sector, such a response is also from establishment. In the aid sector, we have good friends in donors, UN and INGOs, but some of their attitude like this. In fact it is colonial and autocratic attitude, history experienced that, colonials and autocratic are tried to uphold their illogical power through infusing inferiority to the natives or other in lower echelon like workers of the local NGOs and CSOs.

I have a great experiences that, headquarter level expatriate of Donors, UN and INGOs are so encouraging and empowering to local NGOs and CSOs, but in country level most of the time it is opposite, whatever an expatriate and national staff of that UN, INGOs, most of the time they will tell you that you are not capable, you have little of capacity and you know little, if you critical then they will avoid you or they will threats you. I feel this is an attempt to damage you so that he or she will have opportunity to rule you.

For a democratic society or for democratic ownership of development, we need critical personality and from other side we need culture of tolerance, patient hearing and sincerest attitude for appreciation to critical views.

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