December 8, 2022, 11:30 pm

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury

2021-12-31 21:47:25 BdST

While I feel Proud and What I feel Sorry

The day before yesterday I got an SMS, that I took a booster dose of vaccine yesterday, it was Pfizer.

I know that a lot of my friends especially in developed countries yet to get this booster dose of vaccine. I am sure that given WHO Chief Teredos, by the end of year country like ours, should reach 40% and by the middle of next year we should reach 70 % population are vaccinated.

I feel proud of my government. Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina succeeded to get 31 crores of vaccines. While hundreds of countries in the globe struggle to get vaccines, I hope equality and justice prevail in vaccine distribution, I know the UN agencies, especially WHO and UNICEF giving their effort in this regard.

Today is the last day of the year, yesterday it is the last official day of the year, for one of the reasons, I was demoralized like one of my colleagues, as we have not succeeded get a government order, but I am sure that we will get it.

But, we have calculated that we did a lot of milestones in 2021.

I am sure we will be taking inspiration from a lot of success of us, and a lot of success from our country, we will also consider from our organizational level and also from a personal level.

Today our GDP is twice as big compared to Pakistan, even we are ahead of Indian in respect of GDP growth.

Our per capita income is ahead of those two countries. Our national income has gone 50 times and per capita 25 times, food production has gone up four times, while we have been able to cap our population growth by 2.5%.

Our export growth is 100% compared to our initial time. People in poverty was 60% during the 1990s, now it is just 20% or less.

Expect Sri Lanka, we are the best human development index in South Asia. We will look forward; we should not be busy with past failures and past misdeeds.

But, I am a bit upset, on some news, which is very primitive, and we feel shame on those.

There is a news that a few of our officials beat people in their offices. There was a video being circulated on Twitter.

One Rohingya refugee has been beaten by some responsible people. We cannot take the law into our hands. We have had opened our border for this stateless and penny less community.

Our Prime Minister said that, if we can feed 160 million, then why not we will be able to feed these 1.1 million. Yes, we have a lot of problems, our ecosystem is in jeopardy in Coxsbazar, we are not getting appropriate political support from developed countries, but we should not lose our good wisdom and reputation.

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