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The Hotel Of Tranquil Rest

Chloe was looking forward to her trip with her close friends to get away from her demanding job and regular life. Their trip to the Maldives was due next day. She wanted her vacation to be perfect and for that, she packed everything she required. Starting from her clothes to the pot she will use to make tea, she might as well take the whole apartment with her.
The following morning at five, Chloe left for the airport. She waited for her pals for about an hour in the slightly dim, gloomy area. As the chilly breeze rushed past her, she shuddered. After a while she saw Isabelle pass through the gate. Chloe raced over to her and gave her a massive embrace. They haven’t met in 4 years since graduation. When Isabelle felt a stranger bump into her, she froze. She took a moment to realize it was Chloe, she instantly hugged her back.

After that friendly reunion they encountered another buddy they hadn’t seen in a while. Despite the fact that weren’t in an embrace like Chloe and Isabelle shared, they nonetheless shared a strong handshake. After around 15 minutes the final individual arrived. Avery and Eleanor an embrace while the remaining two observed, showcasing the irony of dynamics within pairs. They rushed over to their aircraft and settle to their designated seats.

Following hours of laughter and sharing stories they finally arrived at their destination. “I’m so relieved that we managed to escape that incessantly crying baby that was behind us!” Avery exclaimed “Absolutely” Eleanor agreed. “I’m so hungry, the airplane food was incredibly bland and unappetizing” Isabelle stated with an air of arrogance. Avery and Eleanor exchanged eye rolls. “It wasn’t quite that terrible” Avery countered. Chloe remained quiet throughout the entire journey, giving the impression that something might be wrong.

Isabelle glances at Chloe, wondering what was causing her unusual silence, “Are you hungry as well?” she inquired. “She’s not the same as you, Isabelle!” Perhaps she is just unwell” Avery countered again “Come on, I was just trying to ask” Isabelle responded dismissively. “Enough bickering you two! We’re here to have a good time together, not to argue!” Chloe scolded. Her unexpected involvement in the conversation caught Avery and Isabelle off guard. They remained silent as they drove to their hotel.

The hotel stood grand and expensive, adorned with exquisite floral patterns. A gardener skillfully trimmed excess leaves from the plant, while other workers diligently tended the watering of various greenery. In the centre, a water fountain shimmered with elegance, creating an atmosphere of pure paradise.

Upon entering the hotel, they were greeted by a group of lovely waiters and waitresses ready to assist with their bags. “Welcome to Hotel Of Tranquil Rest! Please feel free to make yourselves at home and take your time to explore the hotel. Your bags will be brought to your reserved room shortly” one of the waiters suggested. They entered their room and flopped down onto the beds, exhausted. The room was spacious and illuminated by gentle soothing colors that gave it a dream-like appearance. A large TV stood before them. The room was divided into four separate beds.

After taking some time to rest, they took turns in using the shower. Once they were all refreshed and clean, they headed downstairs to explore the garden they had spotted earlier, Only Chloe stayed back. They didn’t mind it, considering she had been the last one involved in their activities so far

They spent the whole day exploring the expansive hotel. They return to their room, only to be confronted by the tragedy before them. Blood pooled across the room, and their eyes widened in shock as they observed Chloe’s lifeless from in front of them. Her gaze fixed on nothingness. Her throat was slit open, a dragger laying nearby. Isabelle let out a despairing scream, while the others began to sob uncontrollably. “Chloe!!” she cried out in anguish. The waiters and waitresses rushed towards them, as the four girls turned around, they met the sinister grins on their faces.

“Welcome to the hotel of Tranquil Rest, you’re up next” a waiter sneered. some of the waitresses rushed to her dead body and used their yellow fangs and sharp claws to tear Chloe apart and consume her. All of them let out a piercing scream of horror. The girls dashed past them, but the same waiter taunted “You can run but you can’t hide.” They hid in the bathroom, sobbing in terror. “What have we stumbled upon?” Eleanor whispered, her voice trembled. “Let’s turn off the lights and make a gateway. They’re ancient creatures known as Wendigos. I’ve read about them, they can’t stand the cold. I never imagined them to be real” Avery cried.

They seized a fire extinguisher and cautiously stepped out of the bathroom. However, the Wendigos had already located them. Without hesitation they directed the fire extinguisher at the creature’s faces and bolted out of the hotel. They panted uncontrollably, still processing their escape. Isabelle dropped on her knees at the thought Chloe’s murder. “I’m relieved we managed to get away, Isabelle I apologize for the disagreements we’ve had. Without you and Eleanor I wouldn’t have made it out alive” Avery sobbed.

Since the incident, their connection has become more robust, leading them to spend more time together. Despite their longing for Chloe and the understanding that they cannot bring her back.



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