July 18, 2024, 2:50 pm

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury

2024-01-20 13:10:48 BdST

Inequality and NGO Sector in Bangladesh

Most of our Facebook well-wishers praise our campaign on inequality in last few days, we are grateful to them. We did those with the call of Fight Against Inequality Alliance on the eve of World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting happening in Davos Switzerland.

Right based civil societies blame WEF to promote inequalities within countries and in intra countries. Market driven INGOs both from our country and other country being participating there. World Social Forum (WSF) has been developed world wide as an alternative against the philosophy of WEF.

This year Oxfam has published a study on growing inequalities worldwide and in countries. Amitab Behar from Oxfam India is participating in WEF and raising voice on these inequalities and urging for “Redistributive Justice".

Redistributive Justice means welfare state have to ensure take the tax from rich, stop capital flight from our countries to developed countries and distribute to poor or to ensure equal opportunities through state investment in essential services (e.g, education, health, communication, drinking water, sewarage etc) to the poor and marginalized section of population.

In last few days we tried best to develop awareness through Facebook and x/twitter on providing different comparative statistics, you will find those in our face book, x / twitter and you tube, study those and please raise your voice. Inequalities in our country / Bangladesh is alarmingly high, and it might create an "unstable society or class relation".

Without going to these in details, I do like to draw your attention on another one issue, is our NGOs is in mission drift while NGO / CSOs movement have been originated out of spirit or fight for social welfare and establishing equality in society.

Is this market based nationally and internationally origin INGOs and big NGOs are promoting inequalities in our societies?

There are also demand in global level that salary of CEOs must be given cap. We are giving high salary in donor funded projects, is it sustainable and is it a healthy situation, are we developing an unhealthy consumerism, where is our commitment to human right and redistributive society.

There is unhealthy competition among NGOs to hire professionals with high level of salary especially from local / national NGOs by nationally and internationally origin INGOs and big NGOs. Some of the international donors are prompting these trends in giving funding and creating single NGO monopolism in the country. Is it not creating a imbalance in our society in concentration of aid money and power? In Coxsbazar Rohingya response it is alarming.

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