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‘SSBCL Int’l Education City will be the unique gift for the golden jubilee of independence’: Sumon Talukder

Mr. Sumon Talukder, Managing Director of SSBCL Group has been working on international education in the country for a long time. He has been working on education for nearly two decades in about 70 countries around the world. A part of students who have gone abroad for higher education from Bangladesh so far have taken consultancy from SSBCL Education.

Sumon Talukder has been called the ‘peddler of education’ for his special contribution to higher education abroad. Already He has traveled to about 70 countries around the world. He Has participated in numerous seminars and symposiums. Recently he said, I have been working on higher education for Bangladeshi students abroad for more than two decades. My experience is that Bangladesh was not in the position it is today two decades ago. At that time there were less employment opportunities in this country after receiving higher education; But at present the country is not in that position, the country has come a long way. Our students are now getting higher education in the country and getting employment opportunities in the country.

Sumon Talukder said Bangladesh is a role model of development in South Asia; as a result of the far-sighted thinking of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangabandhu. In view of the amount of domestic and foreign industrial sector in the country, the country needs millions of educated manpower of international standard in higher education.

He said, “You will be happy to know that SSBCL Group is working to build “SSBCL International Education City” in Bangladesh. Several government universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand have already written to us expressing interest in investing in Bangladesh. We are continuing to seek approval from the country’s education-friendly government With the final approval of the campuses of the universities that have expressed interest in opening campuses in Bangladesh, students from Bangladesh will be able to obtain full international standard education and certificates at a cost of one-fourth.

Sumon Talukder said, “We want to build an International Education City at the initiative of SSBCL Group which will be highly aesthetic and world class.” Referring to Malaysia, he said that a large number of foreign students are now studying in Malaysia. There are many campuses of the famous universities in the world.

Experienced, visionary and wise education-entrepreneur Sumon Talukder further said, our education city will be completely technology based. Courses will be introduced in this campus as per the demand of the time. At one time students from this country went abroad to study for doctoral or barrister degrees; With the final approval, the world’s educational institutions will set up their campuses in Bangladesh.

Sumon Talukder mentioned that Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a recent speech also mentioned about making aircraft in Bangladesh. As a result, he gave a message – Bangladesh will not lag behind in the technological competition with any country in the world. His thoughts have taken our path, the future generation to a new dream state. We want to implement it. And for that we need technical education system.

Regarding the establishment of SSBCL International Education City, he said that Gopalganj, the birthplace of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu, is his first challenge. Because as a child of the southern part of the country, he wants to choose Gopalganj district, which is rich in modern communication system near Dhaka. Sumon Talukder said Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation was a world leader. Responding to his call, in 1971 our Bengalis jumped into the great war of liberation. Thirty lakh lives had to be sacrificed for independence. More than two lakh of mothers and sisters have lost their dignity. The great leader has taken Bangladesh to a unique height to the world 50 years ago. We are the representative of the new generation, I have traveled all over the world to build the golden Bangladesh of his dream. Now is the time to put that experience to good use.

On the golden jubilee of independence, Sumon Talukder has dedicated himself to the implementation of International Education City in the country. He said Bangladesh will be a unique example of development, progress and technology. SSBCL International Education City will be the unique gift of the Golden Jubilee of Independence.

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